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Do not think twice about having Ole at the soundboard!
Having never played a show in Denmark, I was already nervous about what to expect; venue, piano, crowd, and SOUND. Any reticence I had was immediately tempered, from the first notes. Ole was not only responsible for the symbiotic sound, but he has been a calming presence and a joy to be around, for each and every show since. A master of his craft and a great hang rolled into one. Plus, (though I've never had the need,) I'm sure he can double as a bodyguard! See you next tour, sir



Man where to start, l could write so many great things about Mosse, 
and how he never ever fails to handle the sound at live gigs, 
with such great overview, calmness, and professionalism.

And Mosses personality, man it is really something else, 
he don`t care if you are a small time band or a big name, 
he don`t make a difference, he treats everyone with the same kind of
warmth, politeness and respect, and just makes everyone feel at ease right a way, he just radiates positive energy,
and is always cool, calm and collected.

I remember the first time that Mosse handled the sound at one of my shows,
it was at a event with about 10 bands, and the normal soundman that should have handled the sound for all the event, for some reason had to cancel a couble of days before the event, 
and the arranger of the event, called in Mosse to the rescue, 
cause he knew, that Mosse would never fail to deliver the goods,
when I arrived, the arranger, a good friend of mine, met me and told me about the cancelled soundman, 
and I asked, allright who is gonna handle the sound then, and when he told me, that he had called in Mosse, 
I just knew right away, that everything would work out great, 
cause Mosses reputation in the business, is such a respectfull reputation, 
and far precedes him, even if you have never meet him before,
and I must say, I was a little bit in awe, to have the great Mosse handle the sound,
and off course everything went as smooth as possible at the show, and the sound was rocking like hell

Since then, I will go out of my way, to let Mosse handle the sound on my shows, when ever possible

Every performer or band, should have there own Mosse as their soundguy, 
unfortunaly the thing is, there really is no one else like Mosse, 
he really is the real deal, a star in his own right, 
but he never ever, act that way, he handles the sound, like no one else, 
and let you be the star on the stage. 

Mosse, just knows his stuff, and do it right.



I've had the pleasure of working with Ole on several tours of Denmark. He is not just a wonderful soundman but also great company. It makes a huge difference when performing to know that the sound is right. Ole makes sure of that. It's a heartwarming bonus to know that when you turn to look at the soundman you'll find him smiling back at you! I highly recommend Ole.



I have been involved with releasing records since 1979, and have known Ole for more than 35 years,

where I have had the pleasure and honour of his experience and talent as a sound engineer, - both in studio sessions and at live concerts.

 In connection with my albums in the 80's and 90's, I played a series of concerts where Ole was the front of house sound engineer.

Some of the gigs demanded a high level of knowledge regarding the PA system. I played amongst other concerts, a series of gigs with my band at "Plænen" in Tivoli, which is an openair event, where Ole was responsible for the mix. I also played at "Glyptoteket" where the sound conditions make it extremely difficult to mix a live band with drums, bass and electric-guitar. (A VERY lively room).

 Ole has also a special talent to ensure a concert procedes in the best possible way. if the musicians is feeling pressured or nervous, Ole can with his relaxing and calming way, make everyone feel relaxed and perform to their best ability. This is an extremely important talent to posses and together with his control and musical feeling, makes me say, that Ole is the best at his job.



When Ole is behind the mixer, you can relax and not think about anything concerning your sound. He's not just a sound man, he's an element of the band.



We performed with our 5 piece band during the Aarhus jazz festival. A beautiful stage in the open air on a square. We will never forget this concert. The reason for that is our wonderful time and experience with the soundman. Ole. A really nice man who had his equipment already installed on stage. He welcomed us in a very relaxed way and we had a lot of fun together, even before we started to play. We remember him saying something like: "Please, relax and take all the time you want for your meal. It's so great to meet you guys. Don't worry about the sound because I know the sound you need, it wil be no problem". We were pleasantly surprised but also looking forward to hear the sound. A very short soundcheck was sufficient and he was right. Ole made our performance sound fantastic. For us that's a jazzy sound but with enough power for some good rockin' boogie woogie and early rhythm 'n blues. Ole did a wonderful job and it was a pity we had to go to the next gig without Ole. In fact, nowadays when we're asked for concerts in Scandinavia, we ask for Ole - our favourite sound man. Ole, we hope to see you again soon, hugs and kisses!
Martijn Schok and Greta Holtrop, on behalf of the Martijn Schok Boogie & Blues Band


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